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Weimaraner Puppies
2015 Brook X Bugatti
2015 Heide X Bugatti
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2015 Radgoll Kittens
2014 Ragdoll Kittens
2015 Weimaraner Puppies
2015 Stewie X Ariat Female Red Collar--PLACED
2015 Stewie X Ariat Female Pink Collar--PLACED
2015 Stewie X Ariat Female Yellow Collar--PLACED
2015 Stewie X Ariat Female Orange Collar--PLACED
2015 Stewie X Ariat Female Tiny Puppy--PLACED
2015 Stewie X Ariat Male RED COLLAR--PLACED
2015 Stewie X Ariat Male GREEN COLLAR--PLACED
2015 Stewie X Ariat Male YELLOW COLLAR--PLACED
2015 Stewie X Ariat Male ORANGE COLLAR--PLACED
Brook X Stewie 2014 YellowMale
Brook X Stewie 2014 Orange Male
Brook X Stewie 2014 WhiteMale
Brook X Stewie 2014 GreenMale
Brook X Stewie 2014 SilverMale
Brook X Stewie 2014 Lavender Male
Brook X Stewie 2014 RedMale
Spring 2015 Puppies
Dec. 1st, 2014 Puppies
Stewie X Ariat 2014 Orange Collared Female
Stewie X Ariat 2014 Red Collared Female
Stewie X Ariat 2014 Yellow Collared Female
Stewie X Ariat 2014 Pink Collared Female
Stewie X Ariat 2014 Orange Collared Male
Stewie X Ariat 2014 Red Collared Male
Stewie X Ariat 2014 Yellow Collared Male
Stewie X Ariat 2014 No Collar Male
Silver Male Placed with Adam and Erica
Stewie X Ariat 2014 Hunter Collared Male
Stewie X Ariat 2014 Lime Collared Male
2014 Weimaraner Puppies
2013 Brook X Stewie
Brook2013 Green Male-PLACED
Brook 2013 Orange Male-PLACED
Brook 2013 No Collar Male-PLACED
Brook 2013 Green Female-PLACED
Brook 2013 Orange Female-PLACED
Brook 2013 White Female-PLACED
Brook 2013 Female "Summer"
Brook 2013 Coral Female-PLACED
Brook 2013 Yellow Female-PLACED
Brook 2013 Purple Female-PLACED
2013 Ragdoll Kittens
2013 Weimaraner Puppies
Summer 2013 Puppies
Piper 2013 Yellow Female--PLACED
Piper 2013 Green Female--PLACED
Piper 2013 Blue Female--Heide
Piper 2013 Red Female--PLACED
Piper 2013 Orange Female--PLACED
Piper 2013 Pink Female--PLACED
Piper 2013 Purple Female--PLACED
Piper 2013 Male Gunther--PLACED
2012 Piper Blue Male
2012 Piper Lime Male
2012 Piper Orange Male
2012 Piper Pink Female
2012 Piper Lavendar Female
2012 Piper No Collar Male
Thanksgiving 2011 PUPPIES
2012 Lila Blue Male Placed
2012 Lila Lime Male Placed
2012 Lila Hunter Male Placed
2012 Lila Brown Male Placed
2012 Lila Pink Female Placed
2012 Lila Lavender Female Placed
2011 AKC Weimaraner Puppies Piper X Gunnar
2011 Piper HUGE Female
2011 Piper Tiny Female
2011 Piper Yellow Male
2011 Piper Blue Male
2011 Piper Red Male
2011 Piper Green Male
2011 Piper Orange Male
2011 AKC Weimaraner Puppies Gunnar X Lila
2011 Lila Orange Female
2011 Lila Red Female
2011 Lila Yellow Female
2011 Lila Coral Female
2011 Lila Pink Female
2011 Lila Sage Female
2011 Lila Blue Female
2011 Lila Lavender Female
2011 Lila HUGE Male
2011 Lila 2nd Male
2010 Gunnar X Piper Puppies
2010 Piper Girl Yellow
2010 Piper Girl Pink
2010 Piper Girl Green
2010 Piper Male Red
2010 Piper Male Green
2010 Piper Male Yellow
2010 Piper Male Orange
2010 Piper Male Blue
2010 Piper Big Boy
2008/2007 Litter/Piper's Sire
2010 Lila Female1
2010 Lila Female2
2010 Lila Female3
2010 Lila Male 1
2010 Lila Male 2
2010 Lila Male 3
2010 Lila Male 4
2010 Lila Male 5
2010 Lila Puppies
2008 Weim Puppies
Puppies 2007
2008 Female 1
2008 Female 2
2008 Female 3
2008 Female 4
2008 Female 5
2008 Male 1
2008 Male 2
2008 Male 3
2008 Male 4
2008 Male 5
Flat Rock Farm
The Ultimate Gun Dog
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2004 Dutch WB Mare
2005 Litter Sire
Grouse Ridge's Blue Mt.

Our huge10 puppy litter Brook(GunnarXLila) is from
next litter expected by Dec. 2015 linda@grouseridge.net

Our Ariat (Gunnar X Piper) has been bred and we expect another wonderful litter sired by Stewie (GCH. Camelot's Knockin' On Heaven's Door BROM) sometime Mid-Late April 2015.  Last year they produced 10 super puppies and we hope for the same this year.  Stewie has been in the top 10 list of Weimaraner show dogs several times himself, and his son Nash won the breed at Westminster in 2014 and was #1 every month of 2013.  Stewie's sweet, gentleman like personality is something he is known for passing to his offspring.  $100 deposit holds your place in our pick order.  Both males and females are $1250.  All of the puppies from our April 20, 2015 litter have been placed with loving families.  We expect our next litter to be born by Nov. 1st,. 2015 and are currently accepting deposits.
For each litter we produce here at Grouse Ridge, I create an individual page for each puppy and update it with pictures as they grow.  You can find all of our past puppy pages with the links along the left sidebar of our website.  Also, I have set up a facebook page for Grouse Ridge Weimaraners where families have posted pictures and updates of their super puppies!
Feel free to call me or send an e-mail.  My phone is 315.558.3879 and e-mail linda@grouseridge.net  I accept many forms of payment for the $100 deposit including credit cards via PAYPAL

I will keep the website updated with pictures, they grow so fast!  If you are able to visit, you are more than welcome.  For the more adventurous, don't forget good walking shoes to go out back for a wander with our Weimaraners!

Stewie X Brook 2013

Brook and I earning our first point April 2012
Ch. Camelot's Stop 2 Smell Th' Roses "Gunnar" X Grouse Ridge's Delight " Lila"


Welcome to Grouse Ridge Weimaraners. Here at Grouse Ridge, we follow the Weimaraner Club of America's (WCA) code of ethics.  Our mission is to improve the Weimaraner breed by crossing proven field/pointing lines with exceptional conformation lines. The result is top quality Weimaraners with strengths in multiple disciplines.
In 2007 and 2008, Grouse Ridge's Delight (Lila) was bred to Camelot's, CH. Camelot's Playboy to the Stars (Peebster). Lila has proven herself a great cross with champion conformation lines. She adds personality and hunting ability to compliment her stud's near perfect conformation.  We are very pleased with both our 2010 and 2011 litters sired by CH. Camelot's Stop 2 Smell Th' Roses (Gunnar)!  No wonder that several of his offspring have earned their championships too!  We are excited to watch his litters out of Piper (Lila X Ch. Camelot's Playboy To The Stars) grow.
As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have linda@grouseridge.net.
Thank you once again, Susan Thomas(Camelot Weimaraners) for the opportunity to breed Lila to such a wonderful stud in past years and to purchase Gunnar!  Having such quality bloodlines does not happen on accident.  He is such a great family dog; let alone being such a fantastic producer.

2008 litter
4 weeks old

Rebel 2005 litter male
A real part of the family.

CH Camelot's Stop 2 Smell Th' Roses
Gunnar, our "Teddy-Bear"

Grouse Ridge's Delight

Our Stud

2008 litter
Male 2

Animal Planet Taping 2008
Dogs 101

2 of Lila's 2007 Pups
A male and female from Grouse Ridge's 2007 litter at 1year old!

Male #3
2008 litter

E-mail linda@grouseridge.net with any questions